Enda’s continuing uncertainty making things worse

THOUGH Enda Kenny’s poor performance over the whole sorry Roscommon Hospital saga may have reawakened a lot of question over his leadership, it has also highlighted an entirely different aspect of this Government’s approach. Since it came to power in a blaze of confidence, the Government has been seen to falter. To make use of

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Putting the people before the party comes at a price

I am probably one of the few people in politics today who really knows what Denis Naughten was going through last week. I had a comparable moment of truth over 20 years ago when I was faced with a similar choice to the one that faced Denis and Frank Feighan last Wednesday. In 1988, I

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Taoiseach needs to act like a real leader on labour reforms

POLITICAL history suggests that Labour ministers usually don’t start to distance themselves from their government colleagues until the last few months of a government. This is why their absence from the Dail chamber last Tuesday came as a bit of a surprise. It also suggests that while the Government may get to stay in the

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